Press article First Class

The management magazine for the hotel industry “First Class” reports about MyFlexHome.

Book hotel room by subscription

Increasingly, home offices are increasingly decoupling the place of residence from the place of work. The Munich-based start-up MyFlexHome therefore offers a solution to the housing problem of commuters who do not live near their office with its hotel subscription. As of now, the hotel subscription can be booked for four to twelve nights per month in ten different hotels in Munich. Partners already include Premier Inn, Joyn Serviced Living and Smart Apartments. Following the pilot phase in Munich, the next phase will see the service extended to the entire German-speaking region. Instead of monthly rentals, subscription customers pay only for their actual overnight stays, benefiting from constant and favorable overnight rates and also receiving special benefits at the hotel, such as luggage storage, even between their stays. “The world of work is changing and we are not going back to a 5-day office week. Employees can thus choose their place of residence more freely, and with the hotel subscription we offer them an alternative to a second home, with which they still save money compared to a monthly rent and are more flexible at the same time,” says co-founder Kilian Ricken. Subscription customers pay only for their actual overnight stays and benefit from constant prices as well as advantages such as luggage storage between stays.