7 reasons why you should use a hotel subscription instead of a second home

A hotel subscription offers many advantages compared to a second home that is rarely used. Long daily commutes are eliminated when combining a hotel subscription with once-a-week commuting. The following 7 reasons speak for the use of a hotel subscription.

  1. No exhausting search for an apartment
    You have a new job in another city but don’t want to move? With a hotel subscription you don’t need a second home. Save on brokerage fees and security deposit – with full flexibility. You want to stay closer to the beer garden in summer – no problem, just book another hotel over the summer time.
  2. Pay-as-you-use
    Pay only for the nights you really need. The hotel subscription of MyFlexHome can be configured individually according to your needs. For a rental apartment, you always pay for the full month, no matter how many nights you actually use it.
  3. Use the comfort of a hotel
    The cleaning service in the hotel subscription is included. You don’t have to worry about that. In a rented apartment, you either have to clean yourself or find cleaning help – with additional costs.
  4. Dual residence tax not applicable
    With a hotel subscription, unlike a second home, you don’t pay a second home tax. However, the hotel subscription is just as tax-deductible as a second home.
  5. Live with friends in the hotel – almost like before in the shared flat
    Book the same hotel with your friends and spend the free time together after your office days – almost like before in the shared flat, only with more privacy.
  6. Contribution to the better use of housing space in metropolitan areas
    Do your part to make better use of housing in metropolitan areas. With a second home, which is empty most of the time, this would not be the case.
  7. Live in the place of your choice
    Are real estate prices in metropolitan areas too expensive for you? Do you have the desire to own your own house with a garden? Then look for your dream property outside the “Speckgürtel” of the big cities. For the necessary days of presence in the office uses to a hotel subscription.
Where is your dream place to live? Mountains? Live in your desired location and use a hotel subscription.

Make a hotel your home in the city. The MyFlexHome hotel subscription allows you to book the nights you need at the hotel. Compared to a second home, there is only a fraction of the cost, depending on whether you book a 4, 6 or 8 night subscription.

Book your hotel subscription now at: www.myflexhome.de