BILD article: For fewer second homes

Press article BILD newspaper

Munich, Aug. 12, 2022 – Subscriptions for music, movies and series – that was yesterday. Germany’s first hotel subscription is launched in Munich!

The young company “MyFlexHome” offers subscriptions to ten Munich hotels on its website, including “Premier Inn City” and “City Aparthotel”. Target group according to founder Kilian Ricken (37): “Commuters who work from home in the Munich area but have to travel to the office in the city for a few days a month.”

And this is how it works: Select a hotel on the website. Specify how many days a month you want to sleep in it (possible from four to twelve). Pay.

Sleep in the hotel for the selected number of nights on any days. The subscription can be cancelled monthly. According to Ricken, guests with a subscription save at least 20 percent in any case compared to a regular booking.

Disadvantage: The price is not fixed for a long time – unlike Netflix and Co. It varies depending on demand. So far, more than 40 people have booked the subscription in Munich, according to the founder.

His next goal is to have sold at least 400 subscriptions by the end of the year.