Ifo survey: 13% want to move out of the big city in the next 12 months

The Ifo Institute conducted a large survey of 18,000 participants* in urban, suburban and rural areas. The results show that just under 13 percent of respondents from major German cities plan to leave them within the next twelve months. According to the study, these are disproportionately people of young and middle age and households with children.

About 46% of respondents with short-term relocation plans say their relocation plans were affected by the Corona pandemic. The most frequently named relocation destinations of the surveyed metropolitan residents with short-term relocation plans are smaller cities with 100,000-500,000 inhabitants (38%) and suburban areas in the suburbs of a metropolis (30%), while rural areas play only a subordinate role (11%).

The results have implications for municipal infrastructure planning, for example in the areas of mobility and education. They suggest that better connectivity between suburban and urban areas and expansion of educational infrastructure in suburban areas and smaller metropolitan areas will become more important.

The complete preprint of the Ifo study is available as a free download at: Ifo study

Life in the country and the presence in the office

Even though many work models are covered by the use of the home office, there are still jobs where a temporary presence in the office is necessary. Some also do not want to completely give up personal contact with work colleagues. For attendance of 2 to 3 days per week, daily commuting would be very tedious for distances of > 1.5 h. Therefore, it is a good idea to put the office days together and find a home in the city for this time.

Make a hotel your home in the city. MyFlexHome’s hotel subscription allows you to book the days you need at the hotel at a constant monthly price. Compared to a two-flat, only a fraction of the cost is incurred, depending on whether a 4,6 or 8-night subscription is booked.

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