Long-term hotel use in hotel subscription as an alternative to a second home

Due to a high second home tax (e.g. in Munich with 18%) a long-term hotel use can become interesting – but you only need 1-2 nights per month and don’t want to rent the hotel for the whole month? With the hotel subscription from MyFlexHome, you can book the nights you need flexibly. The second home tax does not apply in the hotel subscription.

Even the possible alternatives to long-term hotel use, such as serviced apartments, are designed for longer-term or permanent use. You always pay for a whole month or booking period. You can configure the MyFlexHome hotel subscription flexibly according to your needs and book individual days.

Use a hotel as your home in the city. With a hotel subscription from MyFlexHome, you can book the days you need at the hotel for a constant monthly price. Unlike a second home , only a portion of the cost is incurred depending on whether you book a 4,6 or 8 night subscription.

Book your hotel subscription now at: www.myflexhome.de