Decoupling of home and work locations through hybrid work models and a hotel subscription

Hybrid work models are redefining the attractiveness of locations. The trend toward more home offices will also have an impact on the real estate market. It is predicted that in five years, up to twice as many employees will regularly perform their work from a home office compared to today. This increases the need for an additional room in the home. However, this demand cannot be met in tight housing markets.

Another trend that the increasing use of hybrid work models (with 2 to 3 days of home office) will trigger is the decoupling of home from work. People’s freedom of choice regarding where they live. This can be an opportunity for the development of remote regions with fewer jobs. This allows regions that are outside of the current commuting areas to grow much faster. Due to a high proportion of home offices, the criterion of “attractive local workplaces” becomes less important. The benefits of low real estate costs, on the other hand, can be an advantage.

The managing partner of Treugast, one of the leading management consultancies in the hotel industry, also describes the trend in an interview with Wirtschaftswoche (WiWo, 10/2021) as “…mobile working will decouple work and home. Then when employees need to go to the site, they go to the hotel.”

Make a hotel your home in the city. MyFlexHome’s hotel subscription allows you to book the days you need at the hotel at a constant monthly price. Compared to a second home, only a book portion of the cost is incurred, depending on whether a 4,6 or 8 night subscription is booked. Through the “One-Click” booking process, you can easily and flexibly configure your individual hotel subscription and adjust it monthly to your needs.

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