Hybrid Working! Hybrid Living! With hotel subscription!

Working from a home office was already on the rise before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. But it’s about more than lower costs for companies, because ultimately only the model that offers employees flexibility and companies agility is sustainable. A Capgemini study has taken a closer look at the development from “remote working” to “hybrid working”.

The Capgemini Research Institute study, “The Future of Work: From Remote to Hybrid” (12/2020), surveyed 500 organizations and 5,000 employees around the world. The result is that mobile working will definitely remain an essential part of the new normal. In the next few years, about three in 10 companies expect more than 70 percent of their employees to be mobile workers (up from just 10 percent before Covid-19). Companies recognize that remote work increases productivity and leads to cost savings.

The evolution to hybrid work models is inevitable. While companies can support their employees in equipping the home office, they must also ultimately adapt to their changing needs and behaviors. Only those companies that also adapt the way employees are managed will make the shift to a true hybrid model and realize benefits through increased productivity, lower costs and the sustainable strengthening of corporate culture.

Hybrid work models also make it possible to question the entire housing and living model. Do I still need the second home if it is only used a few days a month? Do I currently live in my desired location? Or, with only 2 to 3 days in the office , does the greater independence of choice of residence allow me to live elsewhere?

A hotel subscription can be a useful addition to a hybrid work model or a substitute for a second home. New housing and living models are made possible by the low cost of a hotel subscription .

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