“MyFlexHome” wins founder competition of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs

Streaming subscription? Car subscription? Hotel subscription! Hybrid work models require new hybrid forms of living – study confirms the potential of hotel subscriptions.

The Munich-based start-up MyFlexHome offers an alternative to the classic second home or long commutes with a mediation platform for hotel subscriptions. Thus, employees can choose their place of residence independently of their place of work and stay in a hotel for the necessary days in the office at a constant price.

The forward-looking concept convinced the expert jury of the 12th start-up competition “Start?Zuschuss!”, with which the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs supports technology-oriented start-ups.

As the winner, the start-up, which was only founded in August 2021, will receive support of 36,000 euros for their start-up costs.

In the “New Normal – location-independent working” study conducted by MyFlexHome (n=510), 71% of respondents indicated that they plan to work from home more than 2 days per week in the long term. This represents an increase of 172% over the pre-Corona period. A quarter of the participants indicated that they currently do not live in their geographic place of choice and would like to move.

6 out of 10 respondents can imagine using a hotel subscription as an alternative to a second home or long commute.

“The pandemic has shown that hybrid work models are the future and companies are planning for fewer business trips and overnight stays in the long term due to digitalization. Hotels can partially compensate for this decline with the new target group ‘hybrid workers’,” explains co-founder Kilian Ricken.

In the hotel subscription, the employee pays only a fixed price for nights used instead of the monthly rent of a second home. In addition, it encourages better use of housing in metropolitan areas, as second homes that become vacant help ease the housing market.

“We are currently in intensive talks with various hotels and plan to launch the service at the beginning of next year. The feedback on our concept from hotels and customers has been very positive so far,” says Kilian Ricken.

The entire study is available for download at www.myflexhome.de/studie.

About MyFlexHome

MyFlexHome offers an innovative business model with the hotel subscription as an alternative to a second home, which at the same time opens up a completely new target group for hotels: Hybrid Workers who do not live within daily commuting distance to the office.

The pandemic has shown that hybrid work models are the future. This gives employees the opportunity to work more independently of location and to move to their desired place of residence.

For the necessary days in the office, the Munich-based startup MyFlexHome offers the solution with its hotel subscription. Hotels gain regular customers with this target group and generate constant additional sales in the long term. Communities benefit from more efficient housing use through fewer second homes. Further information about MyFlexHome can be found at www.myflexhome.de.