The hotel room as a commuter apartment

The working world is becoming increasingly flexible and mobile. But for commuters and weekend home-bound drivers, this mobility can often be stressful and exhausting. So how can you make everyday work easier and more convenient?

The solution could lie in choosing a hotel room as a commuter apartment. Instead of constantly making the long and tiring trip home, you can spend your time in a comfortable hotel room in the city where you work. Equipped with all the comforts of home, a hotel room provides the comfort and convenience you need.

However, a hotel room as a commuter apartment not only offers the comfort of home, but is also a sustainable alternative. It is a stress-reducing option that promotes employee wellness and improves work life.

Commuter apartment vs. hotel room

Commuter apartmentsHotel room
CostsVaries by location and size of apartment, but can be more expensive overall because a security deposit and lease agreements are usually required.Often all-inclusive, no deposits or long-term contracts. In many cases, costs can be reduced through corporate partnerships or discounts.
FurnishedOften unfurnished or partially furnished, which may incur additional costs for furniture and equipment.Fully furnished and equipped with amenities like a TV, a bed and a private bathroom.
ConvenienceCan be time consuming as you have to take care of things like electricity bills, internet connections, cleaning, etc.Offers a range of services including dry cleaning, laundry and often an on-site restaurant and gym.
FlexibilityMay be less flexible as leases often have a minimum term.Offers great flexibility as you only pay for the nights you are actually there.
LocationCan vary from place to place, but often in residential areas, which can lengthen the commute to work.Often conveniently located near business centers or well connected to the transportation network, shortening the commute to work

The concept of hybrid living, which combines the flexibility of home and office, is becoming increasingly important in our rapidly changing world. FlexHome offers commuters and weekenders the opportunity to live in the city during the work week and return home on weekends.

Hybrid hotel room living can help you improve your work-life balance by allowing you to focus on your work when you’re in town and enjoy your free time when you’re at home. This minimizes the stress of commuting while providing a high degree of flexibility.

The FlexHome concept is more than just a living solution – it’s a way of life tailored to the modern worker.