Hybrid working complemented by hybrid living – the solution for commuters and weekend home drivers

Working conditions are changing and with them the living situation of employees. In the years of the pandemic, working from home has not only grown in necessity, but also in importance. The new way of working is spreading on the labor market, because an independent division of labor brings a number of advantages. More and more employees are tending toward hybrid work schedules and locations, and the 5-day office week has become obsolete for many.

Commuting has become an integral part of the working world. Weekend commuters regularly commute between two locations, and daytime commuters are constantly on their way to work. The same question always comes up: is it worth renting a live-work room or even an entire work apartment? What is clear is that there is currently no truly suitable housing concept for weekend commuters or spontaneous commuters. A second home at high prices and obligations is still widespread here. Is there a more practical option?

MyFlexHome – the alternative to a work apartment or shared apartment

The platform makes short-term living at work flexible with a hotel subscription. Live-work rooms and live-work apartments are replaced. This is because hotel living is being rethought and adapted to the needs of the many commuters. With a hotel subscription you can book 4-16 hotel nights per month at a constant price.

Hybrid working methods in particular offer a number of advantages. Overnight stays can be booked all at once and are up to 60% cheaper than single bookings. Also, not all nights of the hotel subscription need to be used. If something goes wrong or you decide to work from home for a few more days, commuters can simply postpone the nights until the next month.

Temporary living with hotel subscription as an alternative to the live-work room

Hotel living with MyFlexHome eliminates some of the complications commuters face when renting rooms and apartments. On the one hand, the rent for live-work rooms and live-work apartments is very high in relation to the actual use of the living space. Furnished rooms that can be rented permanently at the workplace provide additional work pressure in the long run. And even more so if you are not permanently on site. With prices rising steadily in metropolitan areas, the relationship between rent and commuter housing is strained. Two residences therefore present many weekend commuters with an acute financial problem.

Commuters use their apartment too sporadically to make the commitment to sign a lease and manage another apartment. With a hotel subscription, on the other hand, weekend commuters benefit from temporary rent: you only pay for the nights you actually spend in the city.

Living in the hotel for weekenders and commuters

Besides the fact that commuters use a space adapted to their working conditions, MyFlexHome also solves overarching problems in the long term. Affordable housing is becoming scarcer, rents are rising and many people are being forced to leave the big cities. Vacancies can be avoided with many hotel subscriptions, which would relieve the housing market. In turn, commuters can avoid unnecessary rental costs.

The hotel industry also benefits from weekend commuters. The pandemic has further exacerbated the decline in hotel bookings through online vacation rentals. Commuter rooms are available here. With a new target group for commuters, the hotel industry is wisely reactivated. Because with a regular visitor base, hotels can rebuild a steady revenue stream after such uncertain times.

All in all, a short stay in a hotel allows you to properly organize your living space in cities, which benefits permanent city dwellers and weekend commuters. Commuters using an entire second home has become obsolete with the new hybrid work arrangements.