Live on time: Long-term stay in a hotel – Advantages of a hotel subscription

A customer-specific offer can be searched for via the homepage according to “office location” and “number of subscription nights”. In perspective, further filter criteria will be added, which will be specified after the pilot phase.

The customer can conveniently book the required nights in a calendar. While on common booking platforms, for non-contiguous nights, always a new offer must be obtained or another booking process must be started, MyFlexHome offers with the “One-Click-Booking” the possibility to book all nights within the subscription period at once.

Primarily the fixed “per month” price is advertised in order to draw a direct comparison to a second home or other substitutes. Only at so-called fair times, depending on the hotel, there may be additional surcharges per night. These surcharges allow hotels to offer a very attractive retail rate year-round and still adjust their rate structure during peak periods. All surcharges are communicated transparently to the customer when the subscription is taken out. The platform thus creates a comparability of offers from different hotels for the requirement profile of hybrid workers and thus a market for hotel subscriptions.

Through an interface, the bookings can be synchronized with all common calendar solutions (Office365, iOS, etc.).

No other platform available on the market reflects the business model for hotel subscriptions with subscription configuration/management, one-click booking of overnight stays, carryover of unused subscription nights to the next month, monthly billing etc.

Subscription, term, payment method, etc. can be called up at any time via the individual customer login area.

The platform uses interfaces to standard services (e.g. payment, maps, channel manager for hotels). The complete handling of the customer process is 100% digital.

The pilot phase in Munich will start in spring 2022 with the beta version of the platform. Most customer-relevant functionalities are already mapped in this.

In the medium term, the idea is to build up a MyFlexHome community through which our customers (commuters with a similar profile) can network and, for example, exchange information. Plan joint activities. In addition, we seek collaborations for complementary products (e.g. gym access).